Congratulation vs congratulations: which is correct?

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As an acquaintance of the word class, NOUN in English Language, you should be familiar with the Singular and plural logic which is adding‘s’ to a word (Noun) to showcase it as two or more. For instance, the word book to books, table to tables and more.

Fine, it is not new to define Abstract Nouns as Nouns that cannot be touched and usually does not occur in plural. But what is it with Abstract Nouns and Non-count Nouns that are being pluralized? Words such as mistake, time, worry and the likes. Isn’t it muddlesome to see them as mistakes, times and worries in sentences? Well, don’t let us dive so much into that. It is a story for another day.

The point is the word congratulations is also an Abstract noun but cannot be mentioned together with others as muddlesome because 99% of users are deeply familiar with the word and have accepted it the way it is.

Why is Congratulations, congratulations? Why not congratulation? Since it is

1.      An Abstract Noun.

2.      A Non-count Noun.

What makes it plural if the word is accurate? Or could it be true that, the word congratulations is not supposed to be used?


Congratulation is a word use to convey one’s feeling of joy and happiness to someone which could be anybody. It can be used as verb or noun in sentences but mostly use as interjection by users because it is often use to express emotions.

Congratulation vs. congratulations

The two, obviously known for the same purpose are accurate but cannot be used the same way in sentences. Congratulation is a singular noun while congratulations is the plural noun. In the sentence:

I have sent my note of congratulation to my pupils.

The word congratulation without the ‘s’ is accurate for the sentence reason being that the note sent by the doer has singularised the word. In other words, the word is serving as a single thing right there. I hope you get that?


Congratulations!! Yemi.

This would have been wrong without the ‘s’. It is incorrect to say congratulation!! In this regard. The reason why ‘s’ is added to the word despite being an Abstract noun is because the user has two or more feelings or expressions tied to it. Let’s analyse this instance.

A sister of yours just graduated from Oxford University. On getting to see her, you gave her a warm hug alongside a congratulatory alarm. Then, you shouted congratulations!! (In this note, the punctuation is important). Do you know that word may mean more than one expression? Congratulations!! Could equal to, I congratulate you on your success, I congratulate you on having graduated from this University, I congratulate you on having studied well to reach this CGPA, I congratulate you on having completed this phase.

Cleared right? okay let us move on.


Both congratulation and congratulations are correct words in English language. The duo are Noun. Congratulation is a singular noun used for a single expression and congratulations is the plural noun used for two or more expressions. Thus, it is not wrong to say:


Congratulations to you.

Many congratulations will be sent to you as regard this.

My congratulation goes to those who read this piece.

Thank you for your words of congratulation.

 I hope you can now give reason why congratulations is congratulations despite the status as an Abstract Noun. The reason why the ‘s’ is there. Moreover, you should be able to differentiate clearly the difference between congratulation and congratulations and how they can be used in sentences.  


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