How to handle 'Can we meet you?' with solicitous answers in interviews.

'Can we meet you' Is a phrasal question commonly asked during interviews. The question is always at the very onset of most interviews.

On hearing the question, 'Can we meet you', what comes to the mind is a succinct introduction. In other words, many people knew it to be a kind of introduction that says more about you.

More!!! Take note of that word. Does this mean you have to talk about your likes and dislikes, talk about your position in the family or talk about your favorite meal, drink?

Sort of answers manifests when this question is thrown to someone. Certainly not would the applicant not think of mentioning his/her name. It is the mainstream answer one must promptly avail for the question. Many answers could follow afterwards.

For comprehensive knowledge on this, as my reader, I want to involve your presence via knowing you. Thus, when I throw the question to you, the following should be your answers.

Interviewer:  Can we meet you?


Name and where you live.
 I am Oluwanishola Ibrahim and I live at Sapele estate, Lagos State.

As mentioned earlier, your name is the chief component of this answer and everyone(calibre of graduates) knows that. A brief description of where you live is also a key because it hints most interviewers your probable level of punctuality. If it is foreseen to be soft, perhaps the topic would be discussed at a point during the interview and who knows? You might be fortunate as revolve that.

School and discipline.
I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication at University of Illorin.

This aspect is also key because some interviewers are interested in what you studied and your educational institution. Mentioning them gives them the appearance of what you have for them. Mind you, do not use superlatives to describe your institution. Something like, I graduated at the most beautiful university, Obafemi Awolowo university or I graduated at the best university, the University of Ibadan. 
Adding these petty superlatives only gives the interviewers a shallow notion about you.

I have Computer Networking skill, System Administration; Content Writing and Ethical Hacking skills

I am not sure, but I guess you think that you have written all this in your Resume, therefore, why is it necessary? The best answer to this is, the interviewers are calm to see your Resume more within you than what you have written down. Moreover, the fact is seeing is believing.

One more to this is, do not list skills that don't merge with the job you apply for. If you are applying for a content writing job especially on health, the above-listed skills are too irrelevant. Thus, apply for jobs that meet with your skills in order to avoid unsolicited answers to the question we talking about. Guess we good to move on? 

 I am zealous towards computing, writing and sport.

This may be necessary to some interviewers who choose to define applicant based on their hobbies. This could be because, hobbies are interests that cannot be disputed and this will hint them on what you are likely to offer.

Reason why you should be employed
I am a young, vibrant, industrious and great communicator.

This is a vital answer liable to augment the interest of the interviewers over you.

Job experience
I am an experienced developer who has worked for several people in need of designating services.

The job experience can also be added if you have any. It is meant solely to hint the interviewers more views about you.

At this point, let us summarize the answers.

"I am Oluwanishola Ibrahim and I live at Sapele estate, Ajah, Lagos State. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication at University of Ilorin. I have computer networking skill, system administration, content writing and ethical hacking skills. I am zealous towards computing, writing and sport. I am also a young graduate, vibrant, industrious and a great writer and communicator. I am an experienced developer who has worked for several people in need of designating services".

Looking at the answer above, it can be concluded that "Can we meet you" is a question that consists of lucid and captured answers. If you are asked, it means a brief introduction of yourself as relevant to the job you applied for. Not necessarily about your likes and dislikes, your family and your background and where you are born. 


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