20 Nouns that cannot be pluralized and How To Identify Them

The English language can sometimes be confusing, especially for students and writers who are bound to use different words in their writing. One aspect of it is the singular and plural nouns. Generally, it is understood that a subject is singular when it is a single entity, and plural when it includes more than one individual. For example, "A lady" and "two ladies." lady is a singular noun and it becomes "ladies" when changed to plural to show the number of subjects or people involve. Also, a noun is commonly changed to plural by adding "s" or "es" to the noun depending on the letter that ends it. For example, "brother" becomes "brothers" and "friend" becomes "friends." Furthermore, a noun can be changed to plural using the determinants such as "a, the, some, few, these, this, that," and so on to judge them. For example, "A lady" becomes "some ladies" or "those ladies" when changed to plural.

However, as simple as it is to change a noun from singular to plural, there are several exceptions to this rule. Some nouns cannot be changed from singular to plural even when determinants like few or some preceded them. Below are examples of Nouns that have the same word as singular and plural.

20 Nouns in English that have no plural form

1. Content

2. Furniture

3. Fish

4. Evidence

5. Length

6. Information 

7. Justice

8. Mineral

9. Advice

10. Strength

11. Money

12. Race

13. Jewelry

14. Equipment

15. Water

16. progress 

17 stone

18 palm wine

19 light

20 milk

21 Bonuses

It should be noted that all of the above words are Nouns but they cannot be changed to plural. In other words, the letter "s" cannot be added to them because it will change their meaning or alter the word into an adjective.

The purpose of this list is to inform and help readers use words appropriately when writing. Some of these words can be very confusing, especially for readers who do not understand English as well as they should. 

For instance, a student or writer could mistakenly pluralize furniture as furnitures in his work. Whereas this is wrong and if care is not taken, little mistakes like this could reduce a student's mark or reputation as a writer. 

How to identify nouns that don't change in the plural form

There are only a few rules that denote how to recognize nouns that cannot be changed to plural. The most common rule is countable and uncountable nouns. When a noun is uncountable such as sugar, it cannot be counted as one noun. Thus, the noun cannot be pluralized.

However, the main thing is whenever you are writing, you should always take note of uncountable nouns as unpluralized nouns. This will help you a lot! 

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