Meet Maryam



I'm so glad you love to know more about me. 

I am a graduate of English and literature at Obafemi Awolowo University. 

Well, something keeps telling me that if I did not study this course, I would never have had interest in writing or helping students' get good grades. 

As a student of English, I learned to be creative, be a versatile reader, a good listener, and studied loads of English vocabulary, including its usage. 

At one point, I was a dumb ass, pea-brain student who received a lot of red-mark gifts on her write up.

I used to detest the fact that I am a literature and English student, yet, having big issues with grammar and structure. I could vividly remember the day one of my lecturers threw my work at me like a piece of rag, telling me to never come back with such work full of grammatical errors. I felt really devastated! 

This struggle boosted my attention to the use of English and writing, and I started loving it the moment I realized that there is a difference between knowing what you want to write and writing it properly. 


In case you're wondering, who is Maryam today? 

I am a writer.

I am a grammar geek who is obsessed with writing. I write when I wake up, and before going to bed. I write as a duty, for a source of living, and I write to relax. If you do not see me writing at my leisure time, it means I'm reading. 

I love to read, write, teach and study, and for 3 years, I've been proud to see myself grow steadily as a prolific blogger and academic writer.  

I am a creative writer who loves to play with words. More reason why I love to write poems and short stories. 

I am a fashion enthusiast. 

Fashion is more than just buying, wearing, and flaunting an outfit. To get to the dawn of it, it involves being creative. The license to go crazy with an outfit, create a personal style, and achieve uniqueness are features that drew me to fashion, and I love it! 

Finally, I am the lady who is not perfect, who keeps making mistakes, loves to learn from them and teach them to others. 

Thanks for your time. 

However, don't leave yet! 

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