QuillBot Review: Features, Pros, Cons (Tested)

As a content writer, I've been fortunate to utilize various writing tools, and among them, QuillBot stands out. In this post, I'll share my QuillBot review, along with its features, pros, and cons.

If you are looking for an in-depth QuillBot review, then read this post till the end to determine if QuillBot can address your specific writing needs. 

QuillBot Review 

QuillBot is an online writing tool that relies on artificial intelligence to assist individuals in enhancing their writing skills. It offers a range of features, that include grammar checking, paraphrasing, plagiarism checking, synonym suggestions, fluency enhancements, and more. Its main purpose is to assist users in enhancing the clarity, conciseness, and grammar of their written content.

QuillBot Features 

These are the top features of the QuillBot writing tool. 

The Paraphrasing Tool 

The paraphrasing tool is one of the main features of QuillBot and it is created to rewrite a sentence, paragraph, or text, without changing its message. Here are the unique features of this paraphrasing tool: 

  • It has a fluency mode that improves the language of your text. 

  • It has a standard mode that enhances both the input and output words without significantly changing their original meaning. 

  • It has a formal mode that makes your text look more professional.

  • It has a simple mode that makes your text easy to understand and more readable. 

  • It has a creative mode that makes your text to be creative, engaging, and unique. 

  • It has an expand mode that extends the length of your text while maintaining the original meaning.

  • It has a shorten mode that makes your text concise and more clear. 

  • It has an academic mode that makes your text strictly presented in a scholarly way. 

  • Overall, you have the flexibility to tailor your text to meet your particular needs. 

The Summarizing Tool 

The summarizer is another QuillBot writing tool that is designed to summarize and reduce any lengthy paragraph or article without losing the key points. Here are the features of this summarizer: 

  • When summarizing, it focuses on key points. 

  • It maintains the original context of the text. 

  • It gives instant results.

  • It has a summary length slider that allows users to define the length of the summary of their text.

  • It gives room for unlimited summarization. 

The Grammar Tool

The QuillBot grammar tools are created to assist users in improving the grammar of their texts and the overall quality. The key features of this tool include: 

  • The Grammar Checker: This is specially made to highlight the grammar and sentence errors in your text for perfection. 

  • The Proofreader: It is a feature designed to improve the sentence structure, style, and overall quality and accuracy of your texts. 

  • The Spell Checker: A feature that is specially made to check words that are misspelled for instant correction. 

  • The Punctuation Checker: This tool is designed to scan and rectify punctuation mistakes.

  • The Essay Checker: This feature within the grammar tool is tailored to assist students in enhancing the quality of their essays. It checks grammar, writing style, sentence structure, and punctuation in essays.

The Citation Tool

These citation tools are purposely created to generate and format citations in various citation styles. The features of this tool are: 

  • The Citation Generator: This functionality simplifies the process of creating citations for various source types, including journals, websites, articles, videos, and more.

  •  The APA Citation Generator: This helps users to generate citations in the APA citation style. 

  • The MLA Citation Generator: This helps users to generate citations in the MLA citation style. 

The Plagiarism Checker 

The plagiarism checker is one of QuillBot's writing tools, designed to analyze documents for originality. With its extensive database, the tool can scan content to detect any unintentional similarities which in turn helps to keep writers' original work. It's a must-have tool for those aiming for high-quality writing in academics and the professional world.

The QuillBot Flow

The QuillBot flow is another writing tool that combines all the useful tools into one easy-to-use platform. This functionality provides you with a straightforward word-processing space to compose your content. It incorporates handy tools like paraphrasing, summarizing, citation assistance, and more, all conveniently accessible in one place. Additionally, it offers the convenience of saving your work in the cloud, which is highly convenient.

Pros and Cons of QuillBot 

Next in this QuillBot review, based on my experience, I will be discussing the cons and pros of QuillBot. 


  • An all-in-one tool: QuillBot is a versatile writing tool that has various functions such as grammar checking, summarizer, paraphraser, citation generator, and more. There is no need for users to sign up for another tool as QuillBot has a comprehensive solution. 

  • Affordable: Some of its most important features such as paraphraser and summarizer have free versions and this allows a wide range of users to have access to it. 

  • Offers a variety of functions: QuillBot has a variety of functions that work based on the specific needs of users. For instance, it can be adjusted to simple, fluent, standard, and more. The level of its synonym when paraphrasing can also be defined by users. 

  • Has the most effective paraphrasing and summarizing tool: QuillBot is highly effective in the aspect of paraphrasing and summarizing. It is the best tool for rephrasing and reducing text without changing the original meaning. 

  • Convenient and friendly: QuillBot has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate. Even those who are new to writing would easily understand how to use it. 


  • All tools are not effective: Unlike its paraphrasing and summarizing tool, QuillBot's grammar tools are not fully effective. 

  • It cannot be totally trusted: Users cannot totally rely on QuillBot. Human reviews are very important to ensure that the context remains meaningful. 

  • Not suitable for all types of content: QuillBot cannot be used for long-form articles. There is a high probability that it will not work well for such type of content. 

Final Words 

In this post, we reviewed QuillBot, discussed its features, advantages and disadvantages. Now it is your turn to decide if it is the best for your writing needs based on its features, pros and cons. Click here to get started.

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