Copywriter vs. Content writer: Who are they and the difference?

Do not be confused. You are either both or one of the two but unaware. Relax!!

Two different writers that confuse many people a lot are:

·         Content writers

·         Copy writers 

You might have been wondering, who is a Copywriter and Content writer? What do they do and what makes their difference?

Don’t be confused, you are either one of the two or the two but unaware. Relax!!

A copywriter and content writer

They are persons who engage in writing what readers would love to read through engaging titles, words, subtitles and structures. They are meant to:

Write what should not be forgotten

Isabell Allenda.

Albeit, the two kind of writers engage in writing but with distinct strategies and goals. Therefore, they aren’t the same kind of writers. This is how:

Who is a content writer?

The job of a content writer is to provide relevant contents to the targeted audience of a specific brand through the means of web. He/she is referred to as carrier of information from a brand to the audience. The contents he provides must encompass company’s ideals in order to engage the readers and build overarching relationship with them.

The point in essence?

Content writers write articles that solve reader’s problem, articles that educate and inform readers on how, why and where. Let us take for example. Mr Thomas is the owner of Bamboo foams which he has a blog for. He needs a content writer who will be in charge of giving updates about foams, informing visitors on foams that are suitable for rooms, for kids, couples and the likes.

The content writers if hired by Mr Thomas are in position to divert the attention of readers to the blog with consistent and problem solving posts.Therefore, when next a reader needs an urgent information concerning foams, he/she will find it necessary to dive into Thomasfoam blog for answers. Along the line, the content writers are already building a motto of trust, loyalty and credibility as per Thomas foam.

Expectations from a content writer.

  • A Content writer can be identified with the following features: 
  •  Provide contents that are up to par, nourishing and beneficial to readers.
  • Identify the readers he/she writes to and be able to put himself in their shoes.
  • Provide contents that are quality enough in building a company’s reputation. This will be honed through educative and problem solving posts.
  • Competent to provide consistent posts to inform audience on company’s products.
  • Desire for research skills to enable discretive articles.
  • Familiar with Search engines, keyword tools to standardize company’s awareness
  • Provide high quality titles, well informed and well structured
  • Proficient in grammar rules.

A content writer writes for blogs, youtube, podcasts, social media captions, forum posts, linkedln updates and eBooks

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Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter is a person who writes words that blinks to readers to buy products or services. He is capable of using his writing prowess to spur the reader to perform an action which could either be to buy a product or sign up for a class.

A copywriter, instead of writing long form contents takes his time to be brief and clear. He uses a short piece of contents to engage the audience but ensure the words are powerful enough to deliver the reader’s awanting desires. Before you know it, the reader has showed interest and is ready to perform the action provided by the copywriter.

Expectations from a copywriter

To identify a copywriter, he/she must possess the following features.

·         Proficient and specialized in marketing and advertising.

·         Be efficient with use of words.

·         Capable of turning prospects to leads.

·         Ability to make sales feasible.

·         Competent in communicating with words.

·         Must be creative.

A copywriter focuses mainly on making sales through a succinct but powerful information. He mostly create contents for Landing pages and Email newsletters. These are platforms that best suit his words.

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In conclusion:

Many people confuse Content writing to copy writing and this is solely why some job seekers who have interest on this train apply wrongly to a job they don't know about. If you do not possess the features of a copywriter as written above, do not make the fatal mistake of applying as a copywriter. Note that they are not the same.

As the owner of a brand, do not make the mistake of hiring a content writer instead of copywriter or vice versa. Though, when the two are mixed together, they are hot cake. So the two writers could be hired for awesome stories within your brand. For clarification, l will like to summarize the difference between the writers briefly again.

A content writer and a copywriter differ in:

1.     Words

A copywriter writes copy that prompts readers to buy.  A Content writer writes contents that inform readers about a brand, its products and services.

2      Goals

A content writer is particular about solving problems. The copywriter is so engrossed with making sales. One top reason why they make use of distinct strategies.

It is possible to cross the bridge of getting hired as a content writer but in copy writing, you have to know what you do and be skilled in it. Although, the two writers are different but useful to one another. There is high probability that a company will succeed when they involve the two writers in their business. This is strictly because the two are intertwined.

After the content writer has succeeded in building trust and loyalty of a company, the copywriter will not find it hard to incite the readers to buy. This is the rate at which they need each other. One more point is, a person can be a content writer and a copywriter. It depends on how skilled he/she is. Thus, as a business man or woman willing to hire either of the two or the two, it is possible to find a person who is skilled in both profession. No doubt!!

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