Different Ways To Say You Are Leaving The Office For The Day

Learning to say a phrase or word in other ways is a crucial advantage not only to students but to writers. How interesting do you think it would be for you to say "This environment is serene" instead of "This environment is very calm"? Or you should say " Jane! Please endeavor to finish your assignment today" instead of "... Please try to finish...? The main purpose is to elevate your English, maintain being formal, and avoid adding unnecessary words To your writing. 

Not everyone is good with proper grammar and grammatical structure, let alone with the usage of a new vocabulary, so this is a great exercise to add some flair to your English. 

Today, we will be discussing different ways to inform your colleagues that you are leaving the office for the day. There are plenty of ways to say this in English that do not involve using the common phrase. The nice thing about this is that it does not dilute the message, "I am leaving" and does not tamper with the meaning. All that is there for you is rich synonyms. 

10 Ways To Say You Are Leaving Work For the Day. 

Hint: when you are using these synonymous phrases, note that each of them can be used according to what you feel about them.

  1. I'm done for today: Sounds politely and formally. 
  2. See you tomorrow/See you soon: This shows the person is excited to leave the office and getting ready for the next day. 
  3. I will like to call it a day: When you say this, it sounds like you are too tired for that day and all in your mind is to leave the workplace.
  4. I'm leaving now: If anyone wants to use this, I will advise that you should add "Okay everyone, I'm leaving now." This addition makes it sound good. 
  5. I Have to leave now: This shows the person needs to attend to an important task. It does not sound like the person is really happy to leave the workplace at that moment but a situation calls for it.
  6. I've got to get going: This is informal, no doubt. This can be used when you are too close to everyone at your office.
  7. I'm signing off for the day: This suggests that you would not be available for any further discussion or decision.
  8. Bye, everyone!: Anyone who says this sounds delighted.
  9. I'm off for the day: sounds bossy (smiles)
  10. I'm signing out now: This could also mean that you are winding up work, or that you have some moral objection to your job. So, using the former is more polite. 

Getting to know how to use words and phrases in other ways is interesting. Apart from the fact that you learn from it, it also makes you feel more confident. It helps you break the ice when meeting a new person or group of people, or it adds to your communication skills. To be a better writer, learn to use your vocabulary to its full extent.

What do you think? What are some of the synonyms for "I am leaving work for the day" do you know? Let's exchange ideas in the comment section. 

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