How to Answer Essay Question Essay With Examples

Essay writing can be classified into different types and one of them is the essay question. If you are given an essay assignment that asks you a question or two or more questions, it means you are required to write an answer based on them. This method of essay writing is very popular these days, especially at the university level and lecturers intentionally give their students this kind of essay to expand their level of understanding.

In this article, I present to you, how you can compose a good essay question essay with simple steps. Not only that, but I also provide you with free sample essay questions of various types which will help you to compose a good essay.

How to write an essay question essay

The first thing that you need to understand is the nature of the essay question you are given to write. The following are different kinds of the essay question:

- Setting – it focuses on what the case is all about

- Objective - it focuses on why you are writing this essay and the answer is focused on a specific problem or topic

- Objectivity – it relies on your knowledge or knowledge of the subject

- Consistent - you must stick to one line or one topic.

Whatever type of essay question you have been given, you will have to tailor the essay question by identifying the purpose and content. You need to decide the relevance of the question you are going to write to your topic. The relevance of the essay question will determine the essay you are going to write in this question. You can’t approach a question that is not relevant. So, before you start writing your essay question essay, you need to decide what will be the main topic you are going to write about.

For example, if the question is as follows,

Who invented the lie detector?

You would have to answer that it was Erwin Schrodinger who invented the lie detector as he was a German physicist. He developed the first working lie detector device.

Now that you have identified the main topic of your essay question, which is the answer, you need to structure the essay question. The reason is that you might be asked to write a 500 or 1000 words essay on that particular question. But since you have already identified the answer to the question, you may be confused about what more you have to write. 

Another aspect you need to note is that the answer that you have discovered to your essay question is your THESIS STATEMENT and do not forget that a thesis statement consists of everything you want to write about your essay.

Now that you know these, check the steps you need to structure your essay. 

1. Start with the background of the topic of the question and end with your thesis.

For instance, if your essay question is, “Who invented the light bulb?” You have to start with a quick story on lightbulbs and end it with your thesis (the answer to the question). However, this would be your first paragraph and introduction.

2. Body

Now that you have the introduction and thesis of your essay question, the next thing is to write the body of your essay. Now, for your essay body, you must go back to your thesis statement and it can be divided into two parts.

a) The research - this contains the description or an account of the data you have discovered. That is, how you were able to realize that it was kingdom Brow that invented the lightbulb. This would basically revolve around how you knew it was Brow that invented it.

b) The discussion – this is all about your interpretation or opinion of this question and how you arrived at the conclusion or response you have to the thesis statement.

3. End with a conclusion

Now that you have finished writing the body of your essay, it’s time to put down the conclusion where you would explain what you have written. It is important that you give a conclusion in your essay so that you make a good impression on your topic and the specific essay question. 

Important things to note before leaving:

After you have finished writing your essay, make sure that you proofread it before you submit your essay question. This is very important because an error in punctuation and jargon can disqualify you and make your essay look so unprofessional or dummy.

There are many ways you can proofread your essay and this depends on you. So feel free to proofread without any problem. 

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