5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Grammar Checker

Recently, I directed one of my clients to Fiverr to hire a professional web designer. But she returned to complain about their use of grammar. “The few ones I talked to could not write an error-free sentence. So how can I be sure that they are professionals and will deliver a quality job? I’m scared! I need a competent person, please!” She said.

To be honest, I understand how she felt because I have had similar experiences, but I find it difficult to believe that some writers or workers are still unaware that grammar checkers exist, let alone use them to cover up minor grammatical errors. On the other hand, some who know about their existence can’t defend them because they believe grammar checkers are generally not useful the way they are hyped.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have lost clients and jobs because of common grammatical errors they made in their email messages, queries, pitches, proposals, and many more. Some, especially in the writing field, could not even get a job as a result of grammar errors that grammar checkers can help them to automatically detect.

The fact is that in the aspect of career, presentation is very important. Thus, no matter your kind of job, or how expert you are, common and tiny grammatical mistakes will bring your chances of getting a job down. However, to avoid losing a job or client, you need to take grammar checkers seriously for the following reasons:

The Known Invisible Errors

There are various common grammar mistakes that writers make over and over again, even though they know that it is a grammar error. This is because many writers, at the moment they write, do not even realize that they are making an error. However, there is no guarantee that they will see it when they proofread themselves or when they give it to an expert to proofread and to make suggestions if there are errors. Even in published books, there is no total guarantee that grammar errors will not be found, despite being handled by professional proofreaders. Thus, a grammar checker is required irrespective of what job you do or the experience you have had doing the job.

Examples of grammar mistakes that fall under this category are: “This vs. These,” “Loose vs. Lose,” “order vs. order,” “affect vs. effect,” and the use of a comma (,) before ‘and’ (, and).

The Unknown Errors

These are grammatical errors that some writers do not understand right from the beginning. In other words, they are grammar mistakes that writers think they got right until they realize they are wrong. Some of these grammar mistakes are the improper use of apostrophes, such as not writing student’s instead of students’; more than/several” instead of ‘few’; and more.

Every writer should accept a grammar checker for proofreading because common grammatical mistakes can bring about misunderstandings in some parts of a piece of writing. Some mistakes that they make while editing and this is why, even if you are an expert, there is no guarantee that the sentence you will be writing will be grammatically correct since all of us make mistakes, but with the aid of the grammar checker, you will be able to recognize incorrect grammar and not make the same mistake twice.

You Can Save Time And Money

Whether you know it or not, writing an assignment, an email, or even a proposal takes time and research. Also, when giving the proposed product to the client, there are a lot of words that you need to use to impress them. To make matters worse, there are also lots of grammatical errors to worry about. In the scheme of things, it is only logical to spend time and less money on grammar checkers to make your work more professionally done rather than spending a lot of money to hire professionals.

You Will Remain Motivated

When you allow a grammar checker to detect grammatical errors in your write-ups, you will learn to be a better writer. This is because grammar checkers will help you detect grammar mistakes in your writing easily, and it will be clear to your face. However, this will make it possible for you to master the error and be able to avoid it when the time you next write. Apart from this, you will also have more drive to write.

Hence, it is recommended that every writer should take up the use of grammar checkers for proofreading, even if they would still like to hire a professional proofreader.

There Is A Guarantee That Your Errors Will Be Detected

A grammatical checker can detect many grammar errors because the software itself is also a valid writer. In other words, it is a writer that can run checks on its own. This means that even if you have never done any proofreading before, you can carry out simple manual proofreading. 

Final thoughts:

Grammar checkers are writing tools that should be embraced rather than resisted. They will help you remain inspired to produce better writing with fewer errors, which is a great thing to consider. They can also help you secure a job and save a lot of time, money, and effort if you use them to proofread your work. All in all, this will help you have a more prolific writing career.

Before I leave, if you haven’t signed up for any grammar checkers or want them for free, sign up with Grammarly here. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best grammar checker online, sign up for Quillbot. The grammar tool has several features that you will enjoy.

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