Grammarly VS. Quillbot: This Is What I Observed Using The Two

Hey, grammar checker user! Welcome to the best and my first edition of the grammar checker review. In this article, I'll answer and clarify the question, "Grammarly vs. Quillbot: Which is better?" 

As a grammar checker user, and writer, I have used and observed the in and out of Grammarly and Quillbot, and here are the differences that I've seen.

To be able to choose the best grammar checker and not waste any more money, it is advisable that you read this article to the end for you to get a better insight into which is better between Grammarly and Quillbot.

Which grammar checker is the best? Grammarly or Quillbot? 

Grammarly vs Quillbot

Well, according to my experience using the two grammar checkers, Grammarly is the best in some areas and Quillbot is the best in other areas. So, the fact is that we cannot really say that Grammarly is the best or Quillbot is the best. We can only say that Grammarly is the best in an aspect and vice versa. 

At this point, I'll take you through their differences and good features for you to be able to decide which one is best for you. 

The Difference Between Grammarly And Quillbot

1. The quality and capacity of the software 

Grammarly and Quillbot are both online grammar checkers but they have different features. The former has more features than the latter. For example, Grammarly gives its users various features such as grammar, plagiarism, essay checker, style guide, tone detector, citation generator, snippet, analytics, and brand tone. 

On the other hand, Quillbot gives its users only a few features such as a grammar checker, paraphraser, summarizer, citation generator, co-writer, and word counter. 

However, from this angle, I admit that Grammarly is more useful because the more features a grammar checker has, the more opportunities users will have. In other words, more features will make a grammar checker more useful and comfortable to use. 

2. The efficiency and effectiveness

In my experience, Quillbot gives more effective results in paraphrasing and summarizing. But it doesn't give a satisfactory result in spelling and grammar. In comparison, Grammarly gives more reliable and quality results in the aforementioned areas.

I observed that Quillbot does not take cognizance of some English rules (mostly concord) when editing. On the other hand, when it comes to rephrasing or paraphrasing and summarizing, Quillbot is the best. Grammarly will not offer you a summary or paraphrase. Whereas, the usefulness of these two in terms of writing and research is second to none. 

3. The convenience and usability

Grammarly is very practical. It has a grammar keyboard which means you don't have to visit their site before you edit your work. So, if you are a Grammarly android user, you will be able to use it easily. 

Quillbot is not the same here. You have to visit their site to have access to their software. Therefore, if you are using an android phone, you won't be able to edit your work as quickly as if you were using a computer. 

4. The pricing 

Grammarly has more features but it's also more expensive. Although it has a free version, if you use the free version to edit, your work would still be missing a lot. If you really want to edit your work, you need to be stuck with their premium version.

Quillbot is less expensive. It has a lower price compared to Grammarly and this does not mean that Quillbot is not that good. As cheap as it is, It also has a free version but you will be limited to a lot of things. On the contrary, it's the best when it comes to being affordable.

My decision on which to choose: Grammarly or Quillbot?

For summarizing and paraphrasing, choose and sign up for Quillbot. For professional spelling and grammar checking, sign up for Grammarly

Quillbot does not have the capability to check the most difficult grammatical errors, especially in the aspect of punctuation. It can find some punctuation errors but not all. So, Grammarly is the strongest in this aspect. 

I will advise that you sign up for the two as I did. However, if you can only afford one grammar checker, then, go for Quillbot because as a writer or student, there is a high probability that you will need the paraphrasing or summarizing check. And the good part is that their grammar checker even though it might not be able to detect all errors, it isn't that bad. After all, you can't expect your work to be 100 percent perfect. 

Now, the ball is in your court! 

Thanks for reading!

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