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Today,  there are many reasons why students need help with their coursework assignments. It could be a result of their busy schedule, they find assignments to be boring, or they can't avoid plagiarism. It could also be because they want to have good grades in all their assignments, or want to improve their grades. Whichever way, the demand for coursework help services or assignment help from students keeps evolving and we are here to help

About EduVocabulary Coursework Help Service 

Coursework help

Here at EduVocabulary, we have a group of professional academic writers that help students to handle their coursework. 

Most Universities prepare school coursework for their students towards the end of the term as an opportunity for the students to reflect on everything they have been learning or learned since the beginning of the term. 

This coursework could be Sociology coursework, it could be History, Science, Political, or English coursework. An example is the Sophia learning coursework which includes different modules for students to handle. Coursework can also be research papers like argumentative essays, creative writing, or reflective papers. 

However, this is what our coursework help service is all about. We would help you handle, monitor and do your coursework assignments without delay from any angle. We also help students to write their exams online for good grades. 

In this case, whatever coursework you bring to us, we guarantee that we would help you get a good grade between 90 - 100. 

At eduVocabulary, we have helped students handle their assignments and modules and none of them have gotten below 90. 

Also, at eduVocabulary, we do not plagiarize, we frown at using AI for any assignment help and we use the tone of our English based on the academic level of our clients. 

You can reach out to us directly here. 

What Countries Do We Render Our Coursework Help & Services To? 

We are not biased towards any country. As long as you send an assignment or coursework request to us, we would help you handle it. However, we have gotten a huge number of clients from: 

  • U.S 
  • U.K 
  • Canada 
  • Nigeria 

4 Things You will Get from our Assignment Help Services 

Coursework help

If you choose us as your assignment helper, here are the 5 things you will get. 

1. Students-friendly price 

First of all, we know our audience as students and not companies. We believe that students may not have much in their pocket to afford expensive writing services and that is why we are here for you. Our writing service is top-notch and affordable. In fact, most times, we work with your budget. All we need you to do is send us a request. 

2. Plagiarism-free service 

Perhaps you didn't know before, no university would accept plagiarism! More so, we understand that most students plagiarize their work because they don't know how they can avoid plagiarism. However, you don't have a problem with this when you hire us to do the assignment for you. We help our clients to write authentic papers that are free of plagiarism. 

3. Course experts 

Another opportunity we have is that we would connect you to an assignment helper that specializes in the field of your coursework. For example, if your assignment is sociology, a sociology expert will do your assignment for you. At EduVocabulary, we have experts that specialize in different course studies. So, get ready to meet them. 

4. One-on-one conversation 

We also avail an opportunity for our clients to speak with us directly. This way, there will be less misunderstanding and room for trustworthiness. 

What Makes us Different from Other Assignment Help Sites 


In every assignment that is given to you as a student, there are always instructions to follow. However, it is one thing to be able to write academically or effectively and it is another thing to be able to follow instructions. 

At EduVocabulary, we don't joke with instructions. We go to any length to strictly follow the instructions in our clients' assignments such as formatting, technical instructions, or critical and evaluative instructions. Thus, we hardly go back and forth over a paper and don't have issues with grades. 


We deliver our services at a very cheap price. Basically, for our first-time client, we give a discount of 15% (unless it is a dissertation) and for every subsequent request, we charge based on budget. Again, we charge based on your course of study or research area.


At EduVocabulary, we only have one goal which is to provide high-quality papers for our clients. As a result, we don't hire or work with writers that we do not trust. Our writers are reliable writers and professionals in their fields of expertise. 


No matter the deadline, we always make sure we beat the deadline given by our clients. With many academic research tools that we have access to, we can help you deliver your paper in 2-3 hours or 4-5 hours without reducing the quality of the paper. Therefore, if you have an assignment or assessment that needs to be submitted in the next 2 hours or more, quickly reach out to us here

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