15 Ways to Say Because with Suitable Examples

Since matters will definitely arise, it seems that we cannot avoid owing ourselves and others some true or false explanations. In this case, providing explanation is an indispensable key to writing and discourse. This is why writers or speakers make use of because like their pen and orifice respectively.

   Normally, because is not a word that could or should be snubbed in write-ups reason being that they are mainly used to answer questions that revolves around ‘Why’. In other words, the word is used to present reasons. However, one should note that the word must be cautiously used to avoid a sporadic write-up in outlook.

This article, therefore aim to provide  15 Ways to Say Because in writing and discourse. Make sure, as the word user to master the equivalent words in order to avoid a boring write-up as a writer, student, educator and the likes. Use them to make your language readable, professional and diverse.

1.      Reason being that:

Normally, Because is not a word that should be snubbed in writing reason being that they are normally used to answer questions.

2.     Since:

 Since matters will definitely arise, it seems that we cannot avoid owing ourselves and others     some true or false explanations.

3.      Due to:

        I knew it will rain today due to the weather that flopped the day

4.     As a result of:

Our Governor died as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic disease

5.     Owing to:

Owing to today’s meeting, I do not think I have any say in the club again.

6.      Whereas:

I told the president at noon to talk to the vice-president. Whereas, they are having an affair

7.      For the sake of:

Kindly share this article for the sake of those who have to see and read.

8.      By virtue of:

The head teacher was dealt with by virtue of her mistake.

9.     Considering that:

I wouldn’t have lied considering that he knows about me.

10.  In as much as:

I will buy cars, houses and other things in as much as you are my wife

11.  Out of:

Out of the curiosity I had to get the bike, I was not able to buy it on the 31st of June.

12.  On account of:

I will soon become the Governor on account of my campaigns and others

13.  Now that:

Now that we are married, everything seems to be different.

14.  In that:

He had to turn and ran away in that he knew he has touched the wrong person

15.  On the grounds that:

I support James in his work, “who is in the Garden” on the grounds that:

People who rape are mentally deficient and they need help.

At this point you should endeavor to insert because in all the equivalent words and see how it goes. Make sure you distinct your works from others today and make someone proud of you.

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