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 Your future or imminent discussion with friends or family may involve the word "Jorts" and you might wonder "What could it be?" To avoid that, 


are specifically synonymous with "Jean Shorts" or can be said that they are gotten from Jean Shorts. In other words, Jorts are the combination of Jean (j) and Shorts (orts). They are types of denim trousers that are naturally short or cut off and at the same time made of denim fabric. 

The word is mostly used in fashion and it is useful for fashion editors who would love to rewrite a topic relating to jean shorts. For instance, if a topic has been written on jean short, the word jorts could make you re-write it again. This time around, instead of using jean shorts, you will make use of jorts and this will make your topic unique to your readers. 

Examples of Jorts 

(Source: Who What Wear. Jorts Have Re-entered the Chat: 10 Ways to Wear Them Now.)

  • Yes, it is possible to dress up your jorts
  • Add some low-key prep to your jorts with a knit polo and trendy heeled mules 

So, Now! 

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