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A thesis statement is the writer's mint.

As a student or writer, one of the components of writing you must know is the “thesis statement.” If you have been writing essays, projects, articles, or blog posts without the intense knowledge of what a thesis statement means, no doubt, 99% of your writings are unprofessional. Why? This is because your thesis statement is the overall controller of your writing and there is no way you can achieve a well-written, professionally upright, and neat work in the absence of it. In this article, we discussed the thesis statement in the simplest form and make it clear by identifying the letter “A” with its features.

 Do you know that one of the tips to improve your writing is to understand the thesis? This is to tell you that the level at which a thesis is important in your work is not controversial.

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is the main argument of a topic in an essay. It is the focus of work and the director who guides the writer. It is not that your essay will create a thesis by itself, it is you, as the writer that is required to create the thesis statement. It is, however, through your thesis that your readers will discern the kind of writer (professional or inexperienced) you are. The thesis statement is the stance of the writer, the position he/she takes or accepts to be right. It is this statement that will communicate to the reader your argument or claim and your opinion about the topic you deal with.

Features of a thesis statement

  • One or two sentences 

A thesis statement normally involves one or two sentences. It is although small but mighty in such a way that these one or two sentences involve every point and argument made by the writer throughout the essay. So, no matter how long the essay is, it will always come back to the thesis statement to bow.

  • It is an opinion not a fact 

Whenever you want to write your thesis statement, keep this somewhere in your mind. Understand that a thesis statement is your own opinion that you must support with a series of proofs to convince your readers. 

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  • It should be debatable

When you want to create it, think about having an opponent? Will, your thesis statement spur people to react? Does your thesis make a claim?

  • Must not be narrow 

Do not write 3-4 words and call it a thesis statement. A good thesis statement must be broad and wordy enough to pass information. Mind you, it does not mean your thesis will be broad and full of jargon. Instead, it should be meaningful, and vivid with crucial information.

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