Poetry: I Finally Get to Meet One of the Biggest Challenges


Few days ago, I met one of the biggest challenges

At first, it seems to me a mirage

Until the ooze in between my butt and my seat became a sewage

And I released my unwanted swell the image

I smiled but it was painfully

I talked but it was woefully

I even answered questions but unconsciously

To be frank,

I have met challenges but not this kind specifically

Those challenges were few and erect upon me no agony


As I speak, I have gotten to get the message of this challenge

It speaks to me no dubious signs

And has no animosity against me

The challenge came to assuage that frailty

The one around the lover boy who lust me like never

Then, I realized this challenge is a sage

I am glad it smeared upon me to elicit change

Even though, I cried when I misprision him to be a death

At the end, I fret him for coming to me to insert a mirth.

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