When my Past was Still Very Young


When my past was young

She makes mistakes

Cries suddenly and laugh like a happy day

She would even walk up to cop

Knock the hell on his head


Because she was young

She never walks alone

She walks with her arm stick and bet shell

And wrinkles her two hands amid her companions

She has never thought of setting any of her outfits right

Neither does she thinks of using Mary Kay

Instead, she cries anytime she is called to bath

And smiles whenever her tot towel licks the ocean of water on her body

When suddenly her past grew up

She could not even pass freely in front of a cop

Because she now has oversized butt and a balloon boobs

Serve Mary Kay every day

And walks with a high mountain that does not fit the feet

She kisses, seduces, rumbles, scrambles any patriarch

And cries not like when she was young

But like a piano tiles that is stuck to the fingers who seduces him.


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